About Nomad Running Society

Welcome to the Nomad Running Company home, where you will find a new perspective on the elite and emerging elites of the running world. Our Goal is to highlight the extra effort of elites and sub elites chasing their dreams to help inspire other runners to do the same. While doing this we also will be developing, creating and releasing our own product. We hope to outfit runners in more affordable quality running attire and be focused more on our customers rather than our company. Nomad will be a company that is different from any other company, focusing less on profits and more about the running community and how we can continuously contribute to it.

The Nomad Staff hopes you enjoy our efforts of contributing to the running community and also help us as we set out on this journey together.

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Nomad Summer Classic Shirt

Our Summer Classic shirt - for a limited time only. Support your running lifestyle. (Blood, sweat, and PR stains are not included.)

Classic Nomad Shirt

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Our classic Nomad Running Society shirt - fit for pain or play!

From Our Blog

Q&A with the most versatile runner in the US, Matt Daniels

(2016 Olympic Trials, Los Angeles. Photo by Tim Meigs) Matt Daniels has had quite the career and is currently putting in his bid for the most versatile trail runner in the United States. Matt was recently selected to be apart of Team USA Mountain running team and will be competing at the World Long Distance ... Read More.

Why not going to the University of Oregon was the best thing that happened to me

(well I didn’t really have a choice) Go Pre, Go Pre, Go Pre. By the age of 9 I was already an Oregon Duck. 9 years later I was a senior in High School and the University of Oregon didn’t even know I existed. I’m from Texas, so that was kind of expected but over ... Read More.

From Our YouTube Channel

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