About Nomad Running Society

Welcome to the Nomad Running Company home, where you will find a new perspective on the elite and emerging elites of the running world. Our Goal is to highlight the extra effort of elites and sub elites chasing their dreams to help inspire other runners to do the same. While doing this we also will be developing, creating and releasing our own product. We hope to outfit runners in more affordable quality running attire and be focused more on our customers rather than our company. Nomad will be a company that is different from any other company, focusing less on profits and more about the running community and how we can continuously contribute to it.

The Nomad Staff hopes you enjoy our efforts of contributing to the running community and also help us as we set out on this journey together.

UPDATE Nov 14, 2017 - Nomad Running Society is proud to announce our Nomad Online Coaching Program. Click here to read the announcement, and click here to view the Coaching Application.

From Our Blog

Ricky Romero makes US Indoor Championship Debut

Rick Romero, the face of Nomad mid distance running will be chasing his dreams this weekend as he competes at his first US Championships in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Romero will be competing in the 800m and will be putting in his bid for the World team. Ricky qualified by running a 1:49.24 at the new ... Read More.

Simple message drives Colby Mehmen to runaway win in BMW Dallas half marathon

Excerpt: Four months ago, his training disrupted by a frustrating string of injuries and his life at something of a low ebb, Colby Mehmen decided he needed some inspiration. He got it in the form of a simple message tattooed on the inside of his forearm: I’ll show you. Sunday, he showed the field of ... Read More.

A Q&A Interview With Colby Mehmen by Mark Bottenhorn

Excerpt: I’ve been lucky enough to meet and interact with Colby on a regular basis and I’m excited to share this interview with everyone. He breaks the mold and lives life on his terms. He, along with Luke and Tyler are the Co-founders of Nomad Running Society. If you aren’t following them Instagram, you should ... Read More.

Caitlin Keen looks to end Local Drought with Debut at BMW Dallas Marathon

Caitlin Keen of Fort Worth Texas, will be making her Marathon debut December 10th at the 2017 BMW Dallas Marathon, with the possibility of being the first local to take the title since 2001. With last year’s champion, Jordan Snyder of New York (winning with a time of 2:59:19 ), not returning this year, the 16 ... Read More.

Introducing Nomad Coaching

Nomad Running Society is excited to announce Nomad Coaching. After eclipsing the one year existence of Nomad, with overwhelming support and love from other runners we have met. We have decided to move forward and launch a new branch of Nomad called “Nomad Development”. I have been running competitively for 14 years now and having ... Read More.